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Join Our Spring EcoChallenge: FLOW!

Spring is in the air, and it's time for our second EcoChallenge of the year.

Spring Redbud Suds EcoChallenge: FLOW!

How it works:

1. Find your water footprint with the National Geographic Water Footprint Calculator.

2. Make a water-saving goal. The water footprint calculator will probably give you lots of ideas! I know it did for me. Keep your goal simple and attainable.

3. Share you goal with us by commenting on any FLOW Instagram post.Writing down your goals makes you 50% more likely to attain them!

4.  Enjoy daily water-saving tips on Instagram. Comment with your own.

5. Share your adventures! Tag your posts using #RBSecochallenge and tag @redbudsuds for the chance to win prizes. Every comment or post with our hashtag gives you another entry in a drawing at the end of the challenge.

As you go about your day, take time to notice the beauty in water around you. Be inspired!

Ponder the path a drop of water takes as it enters your community, flows through the aquifers, comes out your faucet, goes down your drain, and returns to the environment. There's quite an adventure packed inside every little drop of water.

Here are a few photos inspired by last year's FLOW EcoChallenge:

Redbud Suds FLOW EcoChallenge 2015

Redbud Suds FLOW EcoChallenge 2015 spider web

Share your adventures with water conservation on Instagram with #RBSecochallenge and tag @redbudsuds for the chance to win prizes at the end of the FLOW EcoChallenge.

Look for this post on Instagram on April 17:

RedbudSuds FLOW EcoChallenge 2016 How to Join

*Edit 6/2/16: We've changed our Instagram handle to @redbudsuds. Find us there!*

We hope to see you there!


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