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12 Days of Christmas Celebration

12 Days of Christmas Celebration

Wow, here we are in December!

What a year it's been. We've literally been all over the country, adventuring and sharing Redbudsuds. Collecting and sharing ways to simplify. Getting into scrapes and getting out. We've met the most amazing, inspiring people who have become not only customers but friends. And we've got some truly exciting things in the works for 2018.

Thanks to every one of you who has helped make this epic year amazing. To celebrate, we'd like to treat you with some holiday specials: 12 of them in fact!

We've never done anything like this before but we think it'll be fun. Join us!

Redbudsuds 12 Days of Celebration

How it works: for 12 days, starting December 4th, we'll hold a different special. Instead of releasing the special every day, we thought we'd give you the chance to see which ones you'd like to jump in on.

We'll be announcing the daily special on Facebook and Instagram, so be sure to follow us and share with your friends to help spread the celebration!

Update: The Dates!

For your convenience, here is when each special will fall:

  • Dec 4: Shoofahs 3 / $12
  • Dec 5: Free body bar with Epic Suds
  • Dec 6: Chance to win $30 gift certificate (Congrats Ramona Nissley!!)
  • Dec 7: Shower bars 2 / $25
  • Dec 8: All orders over $25 get a free eco-bag
  • Dec 9: Shoofah + Shower bar sets 5 / $75
  • Dec 10: Happy Sunday, no specials today. Get outside and enjoy some family time!*
  • Dec 11: Rosemary Mint 5 / $35
  • Dec 12: Chance to win in a $50 gift certificate for a friend
  • Dec 13: All orders ship free
  • Dec 14: Mystery body bars 4 / $20
  • Dec 15: Orders over $25 get a free cedar soap deck
  • Dec 16: Build your own Epic Suds 2 / $100

One last thing... we're also almost at the 1,000 follower mark on Instagram. I know, I know, these numbers really don't mean anything, but still. Goals are fun. And milestones are worth celebrating. If you want to help us play, be sure to follow us on Instagram and see if we can bump to the 1K mark by the new year.

Cheers to a wonderful holiday season!

Love deeply. Adventure gently. Be thoughtfully clean. 

Thoughtfully yours,


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  • Diane Yoder on

    If there is a combination of specials that I want to take, do I wait for the latest one and include the previous ones?

    I love your soap by the way!

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