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Happy World Water Day!

Happy World Water Day!

Have you raised your glass of life-giving liquid and toasted to this amazing resource yet today? Do it now! At Redbud Suds, we're extra thankful to have clean water in abundance in northeast Ohio, as you can't have suds without water. We remember those around the nation and the world who are not so fortunate.

RedbudSuds World Water Day

It is fitting that in less than a month (APRIL 17-30), we'll be hosting FLOW, the spring Redbud Suds EcoChallenge. The focus of FLOW is water conservation and celebration. Anyone can do it, and there are prizes! Follow us on Instagram @redbudsuds to get the details.

To help us get in the mood this week, we're looking to a great blog post by NWEI (Northwest Earth Institute). They list excellent ways to become more aware of your water consumption. Here are my favs:

  • Find out your water footprint with the Water Footprint Calculator from National Geographic. 
  • Set up a rain barrel to handle your outdoor watering needs. Get help!
  • Catch those drips. Have you been ignoring that leaky faucets? Put a basin under a spout that drips and just watch how much gets collected. I dare you.
  • Did you know there was such a thing as a water butt? It's true. Find out here.

For more great ideas, visit the original post by NWEI: Three Things You Can Do for World Water Day Today.

Redbud Suds shampoo bars can also help save water by reducing waste and simplifying your morning shower routine. Check them out, too!

Happy World Water Day.



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