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Addressing the State of the Bar

Addressing the State of the Bar

Slippery slope or turning tide?

Several of you have shared this fascinating article "The Sad Slippery Slope of Bar Soap" by Melissa Breyer from with me this week. If you haven’t read it yet, do!

The data in the introduction of Breyer's article suggests several reasons why millennials are turning away from bar soap: Germs. Convenience. Mess.

What those numbers don't reflect is that consumer trends, particularly among millennials, are also strongly leaning towards products that are eco-friendly and authentic. People want products with “soul.”

Thankfully, Breyer digs deeper. So do I.

The consumerist, convenience-obsessed culture in which we live is exactly what motivates and inspires me to do what I do.

Our perception of “convenient” is often a lack of options and a lack of education. I am guilty of this myself at times. But we know there is a better way, and we keep moving forward.

So today I offer the option and the education, REDBUDSUDS-style.

Our multi-purpose shower bars are fantastically non-germy, mess-free, and convenient. Here's why: 

  • They’re more sustainable than liquid soaps and shampoos. Why? Read the full article for exact numbers, but to summarize: Bars take less water to manufacture. They require fewer resources to transport. You use less soap with each washing and therefore they last longer. No preservatives are required because true soap is naturally resistant to bacterial growth. And it’s naturally biodegradable. Shall I go on? REDBUDSUDS uses local ingredients, further reducing our carbon footprint and building a stronger local economy. 
  • We help you simplify. Eliminating plastics and chemicals from our process and packaging also eliminates exposure to other harmful chemicals, such as parabens and phthalates. Why introduce complicated, synthetic chemicals to your skin when natural ingredients do the job so well? For simplicity's sake, we also love having one bar in the shower instead of a collection of unwieldy bottles. No complicated technology and you still get clean. Really clean. You keep the earth clean, too. Truly, less is more.
  • Bar soap is naturally germ-resistant. Little known fact: the CDC considers bar soap and liquid soap equally effective for best-practice hygiene. As mentioned above, bar soaps are naturally inhospitable to bacteria. (Due to their slightly high pH.) So not only do they prevent bacterial growth, but they don’t require a preservative to do so. Extra bonus.
  • Non-messy and clutter-free. A simple well-draining soap dish by your sink or your shower will completely eliminate the mess factor. It has in our household. The key here is a soap dish that actually drains so the soap can dry out between uses. In addition, with the shower bar we also have zero -- I repeat, zero -- plastic bottles cluttering our shower, sink, and travel bags. We’re not fighting over storage space in the bathroom. We don’t have to deal with recycling or throwing away bottles. And we never have to clean up exploded liquids in our backpack. Seriously.

Additional benefits include peace of mind with natural ingredients you can pronounce, breathtaking scents from real essential oils, and the added plus of supporting a small business that's committed to earth-care, education and community outreach.

So how's that for a sad, slippery slope? I prefer the sunny, sustainable side myself. You?

If you have already caught the shower bar bug, please share this with your friends. (Share links below.) The words of people who have experienced the benefits first-hand speak volumes! By sharing, you can make natural self-care and easy earth-care suddenly more convenient to others. Simple as that.

Haven’t tried a shower bar yet? Hop on the “thoughtfully clean” shower bar train now and give REDBUDSUDS a try.

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Lastly, don’t forget to join our online community “Team REDBUDSUDS” (private Facebook group) to share your ideas and questions with us.

Thoughtfully yours,


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