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Customer Spotlight: Amanda Sherman

Welcome to our customer spotlight series! This is where we feature the adventures of Team REDBUDSUDS members, along with their unique ways of being thoughtfully clean.

This month, we're proud to introduce:

Amanda Sherman

of Cleveland, Ohio
REDBUDSUDS is all about making life an everyday adventure. Amanda gives us a glimpse into life as mom making it happen.
Number of states and/or countries visited in your lifetime:

Places you’ve traveled with REDBUDSUDS:


How did you find REDBUDSUDS in the first place?

Yankee Peddler Festival

What’s your favorite thing about the shower bar?

The incredible scents!

What inspires you to get outside and enjoy nature?

The compelling peace my soul experiences, and to share the same with my children.

Share with us your favorite adventure story!

There was a place to cross a stream over some rocks and a steadying branch we were using as adults. My young daughter was afraid to cross, so I grabbed the steadying branch and said, “See? It’s not so bad..” As I said it, I lost my balance and pulled the branch to stand straight. The branch was not as steadying as I had counted on, and I launched myself into the water at an angle, completely soaking myself in the cold stream. My daughter was carried across after by a very amused friend.

Favorite adventure food, go! 

Nothing tastes better to me on an adventure more than a good apple and peanuts.

_ _ _ _ _

Whether you're into climbing mountains, taking backcountry camping trips, or venturing out into the woods for the afternoon with the kiddos, Team REDBUDSUDS is here to cheer you on.

 Thanks for the inspiration, Amanda. Rock on!

Who's up next? If you've got an adventure or thoughtfully clean living tip you'd like to share in the next Customer Spotlight, let us know.


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