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First Ecochallenge of 2016 a Success!

We've wrapped up GLOW, our first Redbud Suds EcoChallenge of 2016.

For two weeks in January, participants set one goal to become aware of and reduce their energy usage. Each day during the challenge, @redbudsuds posted a new energy-saving tip on Instagram to keep the conversation (and the inspiration!) moving forward.

Our numbers were small but mighty with six participants stretched from coast to coast and one in Europe. We represented Georgia, Ohio, California and France.

Participants shared the following energy-saving goals:

  • turning off the lights when leaving a room
  • using natural light for lighting whenever possible
  • turning down the thermostat while asleep or gone from the house
  • sealing up gaps in doors and windows

Here’s what people said at the end of the two weeks:

“I turn mine [thermostat] down everyday while at work!”

“Wahoo! It’s been a good 2 weeks of electricity usage awareness. Several conversations have I had with my husband about lights on in other rooms. :)”

“I’ve been turning off lights more, we did weather strips on our delinquent door, and have have the temp down when we’re not going to home for a while.”

“I’ve been turning out lights all over the place for the past two weeks! Thanks for inspiring us Aubrey!”

Even if you missed joining this challenge, you can still find all the energy-saving tidbits on Instagram.

My favorite energy-saving tip came from @flexyogaemily in Wooster, Ohio:

“Smile. You use fewer muscles to smile than to frown- and… You put good energy out there too! Renewable. Sustainable. Clean and Green.”

Let’s keep on the good work of living gently and smile.



p.s. Stay tuned for the next Redbud Suds Ecochallenge: FLOW in April.


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