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Life as a marathon

“Life is a marathon, not a race.”

A marathon. Ugh. I’ll pass on that. Fortunately, the Greek language gives us a more enticing definition. Maratho = fennel, a spice that is “a hardy perennial, tangy and strong, spicy and healing.” (Lovely description by Julie Wittes Schlack.) Now we’re talking!

My lesson in everyday activism this week is the importance of taking it slow. Trying to stay on top of all the news is overwhelming. Just from an environmental standpoint, this week included: the House viting to cut Stream Protection for coal mining debris (source), how the ban on immigrants may actually negatively impact scientific discoveries in our country (source), and executive orders to move forward on the pipeline projects at the expense of protected native lands and clean water (source).

Back to that moving slowly idea: easy to say, hard to do. As I look for ways to pace myself and keep up hope, here are a few resources I’ve found extremely helpful.

Tools for Inspiration

  1. MY INSPIRING PERSON This week: Van Jones. I can’t stop listening to this guy, he’s got so many good things to say. Watch this improptu street interview and see the best ever example of what it looks like to engage respectfully with those whose views differ from your own. (youtube)
  2. MY FAVE RESOURCE LIST. This is a collection of articles, checklists, and tips on ways to get started if you want to get involved. It is not a fancy or conclusive list, just a gathering of resources my friends and I have been collecting over the past 10 days. Resources for Action. (Read about my “superpower” friends here.)
  3. AWESOME CHECKLIST If you don’t read anything else, this has been the most helpful to me. For everything. This awesome checklist helps me take aciton and join others making a positive difference:
  4. WOAH NO WAY Want to learn more about the effects of climate change in our country? Check this out at the EPA’s website while you still can!

Finally, since you asked:


Follow the Sierra Club. They’re doing some great work communicating the impacts of the new administration's policies on the environment.

Call your reps to reject Scott Pruitt for EPA. Dial 202-224-3121 and know your zipcode, that’s it.

There are many demonstrations, locally and nationally. I put these on my calendar:

  • People’s Climate March in DC, April 29 (more info)
  • #NoDAPL march in Cleveland, Feb 6 Event info Or use Papa Google to find one near you.  


So, I want to know...

Do you see yourself as an “everyday activist”? What inspired you to action this week?Share it on with your friends, invite others to join and tag us #thoughtfullyclean so we can cheer you on! Let us know in the comments below!

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Small drops make an ocean; let’s make waves.

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