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My Fave Way To Shave

Last week’s unseasonably warm February temps reminded me that one of winter’s greatest perks is that you get to wear pants. Why's that so great?

No one notices if you haven’t shaved in weeks (or one’s judging here).

I hate shaving, but I do it anyway. Can I hear an amen? In my humble opinion, this modern ritual is a constant annoyance that unnecessarily sucks precious time, energy and money.

My search to reduce waste in our home without going crazy has led me to this brilliant way to shave - for both myself and my husband. Finally, we can share razors without actually having to share razors.

Are you ready? Harry’s.

Google them. You'll love them too. They may be marketed to men, but ladies, if you’re looking to simplify, listen up.

Here’s why I think they’re so great:*

(Note: I’m not getting paid to say this. I really just think they’re the best.)

  1. High quality.
  2. Independent American company.
  3. Super affordable.
  4. Handles work for men’s and women’s grips. So the hubs and I can each have our “own” handle but...
  6. Only have to keep one type of razor blades on hand. Simple.
  7. Comes with an indestructible, reusable, tiny travel top. (which I use for storage all the time.)
  8. No special “travel” equipment required. Adventure-ready.
  9. Subscription option so you don’t even have to remember to restock.

The downside: you still have to dispose the razor head when the blades get dull.

The bright side: you can get modern razor sharpeners, like this one, available at Lehman’s Hardware (and online), to extend the life of your razors. I haven't tried them yet but plan to.

The note aside: In addition to the razors, Harry’s also offers shave cream. For a completely waste-free and natural alternative, why not use what you’ve already got? Redbudsuds shower bars are great for shaving too!

Our best bar for the job is Sea Clay Rest Day. The sea clay gives your skin extra slip, helping the razor glide while gently softening and moisturizing your skin.

So until we can all agree that hairy legs and fuzzy armpits are sexy, I’m content with Harry’s razors and a Redbudsuds shower bar, making shaving [as] pleasant [as possible].

*p.s. If you really want to get crunchy, there are even more eco-friendly methods: 

1) Go go a-la-naturale. I usually reserve this for wilderness-mode, but more power to you if you’re ready to sport it every day.

2) Wax with homemade wax. I'll happily share the recipe I used religiously in high school  if you ask nicely; I just don’t have the time nor patience to actually use it like I did when I was a teenager.

3) Use a straight razor and a strop. My hubs did this for a few years, until maintaining the necessary sharpness became a frustration with a tight morning schedule.

So for now, Harry’s perfectly fits our need for simplicity, quality, minimal waste, and ease of use.

Do you love Harry’s, too? Or have another fave way to shave? Let us know!

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