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Feel the FLOW: Thinking about Water

Feel the FLOW: Thinking about Water

How much do you think about water? In light of World Water Day coming up, this week's resources focus on being resourceful, especially with water.

Tools for Inspiration

MY INSPIRATION World Water Day is March 22. How much do you think about your water source? Spending time in the Boundary Waters, the most visited wilderness area in the USA (and currently threatened by copper-sulfide mining) has inspired me to pay attention to water in a new way.

MY FAVE RESOURCE  Harry’s Razors. Read more about what makes them a great way to save resources and money in Monday’s post.

AWESOME ACTION CHECKLIST Of all the resources I’ve found, this has been the most helpful to me to stay engaged in civic action without going crazy. For everything, including the environment. This awesome checklist helps me take action and join others making a positive difference. Note: This week is all about self-care. Learn more here.

WOAH NO WAY  Learn more about the Boundary Waters and what you can do to protect the water from copper-sulfide mining from our friends right here.


  1. Plant some seeds. Getting some seeds for a garden started indoors (or outdoors, depending on your climate) can help jump start the growing season, reduce water waste, AND lead to better emotional and physical health.
  2. Turn it off. Double check: are you running the water when you don’t need to? The average American household uses 400 gallons of water per day. If it doesn’t need to be on, turn it off: washing dishes, rinsing dishes, brushing teeth, shaving… pay attention and see what you learn about your habits this week.
  3. Educate yourself. Follow this nifty deregulation tracker to learn about changes in federal climate mitigation near you, like air pollution controls and water protections. Isn’t it nice when smart people make tools that help us understand what’s happening in the world?

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