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My Hero This Week

My Hero This Week

Just this week, I was checking in with one of my local suppliers to confirm plans for the year. It started with the usual: how many poppy-seeds I’ll need for my Rosemary Mint bars, when the lavender will be harvested, that sort of thing. I wished her a good winter season, and then…

Then came the kicker. With a twinkle in her eye, she had to tell me about the “Kale Bride.” With an intro like that, I knew I was in for a good story.

Apparently this couple hired my friend Karen to do their wedding flowers in June. They wanted 100% local flowers. No sweat, there are tons of blossoms in Ohio in June.

But plans, as they often do, changed. The wedding got bumped up to January. Local flowers still an order.

So Karen did some quick scrambling through her greenhouse. Together with the creative genius of some family members, they were able to provide some stunning greenery and surprising pops of color through kale and other locally found mid-winter items.

I admire this chic – her name is Samantha – for so many reasons. I admire her determination to keep things local, even though doing so certainly wasn’t an easy choice given the circumstances. I admire her eye for beauty that extended beyond the conventional and, in essence, enables us to re-define beauty. I admire her resourcefulness, like using dishes from thrift stores – gorgeous ones, no less – and re-donating them after the ceremony. And not least of all, I admire how she took time to share her story, her reason “why.”

You can learn more and see photos of Samantha and Mark’s big day at Sam’s blog

I’m inspired, and I hope you are, too!

Update (1/29/16) Sam emailed me after reading this post and let me know she is actually a shampoo bar user! She writes: 

As I was reading your post, I was dying to tell you, "I had washed my hair with your shampoo!!! You were a part of our wedding day!!!" 
Which is true. We have shipped your soaps to our family in Greece, gifted them to our mothers (whose bodies we care a lot about, so it says a lot), and Mark and I both use your shampoo.

How about that!



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