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REDBUDSUDS joins 1% for the Planet

Remember getting an allowance as a kid? My parents gave my sister and I each the generous sum of one dime for every year of our age. So at age six, I got a whopping 60 cents a week.

They taught us that no matter your income, you do three things: share, save, and then spend. As a six-year-old, that meant 20 cents to a good cause, 20 cents in the piggy bank, and 20 cents for ice-cream (obviously).

Generous, right?

As a self-employed adult, life is no longer quite that simple. There are bills to pay and a business start-up to...well, start-up! Although I'm inspired by the generosity instilled in me in my childhood, I no longer divide my income in thirds. But what has stuck from my upbringing is the importance of being a steward of all my resources. I learned that it is in giving that you truly receive, which is one of the main reasons why I even thought starting a business was a good idea in 2014.

That is why I am thrilled to announce our new partnership with 1% for the Planet.

Starting in July, one percent of all our annual sales will be donated to conserving land and water resources.

1% for the Planet

One percent of annual sales... you mean profits, right? Nope, not profits. We mean one percent of sales. That means we're budgeting (aka prioritizing!) stewardship of the planet first, before profit. We're making this choice because we believe can be a part of the solution, and that matters. Not because it is easy.

So starting this month, when you buy Redbud Suds, you are actively making a difference.

Would you like to suggest a donation recipient? We are currently reviewing organizations to be the recipients of our donations. Visit for a complete list of participating organizations. Send us a message to weigh in on where you would like to see our contributions go.

Since our beginning in 2014, we've had our sights set on promoting environmental responsibility. We're so excited to see this become more of a reality every day.

Other ways to get involved with RedbudSuds and conservation is to join one of our seasonal ecochallenges, such as GLOW (in January), FLOW (in April), and GROW (in July). We also compete as a team (TeamRedbudsuds) in the national NWEI EcoChallenge in October. Join us!

Be a part of the solution. Be thoughtfully clean.



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