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REDBUDSUDS joins NWEI for national EcoChallenge

REDBUDSUDS joins NWEI for national EcoChallenge

The National EcoChallenge is well under way. Our team, Team Redbud, currently has 12 members and joins over 4,000 people from across the country making changes in small habits that add up to a lot of good.

Here’s a snapshot of our team:

  • We’ve chosen challenges that conserve water, increase energy efficiency, increase sustainable food options and connect us with the Earth.
  • We’ve saved at least 480 gallons of water through our documented efforts
  • We’ve kept at least 9 lbs of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere
  • We’ve snuggled more with our cats
  • We’ve gone on more walks and even slept outside
  • We’ve gotten creative to figure out how to make sustainable habits easier and attainable in the midst of our busy lives
  • We’ve connected with friends from near and far to invite them to the challenge

To find out more about Team Redbud and the NWEI EcoChallenge, visit our page at

And some numbers from the EcoChallenge across the country:

 NWEI EcoChallenge Impact 2015

(results updated to reflect final totals)

Haven’t joined yet but still want to? It’s not too late! Sign up here.

One more week to go – onward and upward!


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