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Resources for Saving the BWCA

It's #ThoughtfulThursday. Enjoy our hand-picked selection of resources to ignite and inspire.


When is the last time you spent an entire day - from the first light to the time you drifted off to sleep - completely surrounded by nature?

For many, myself included, going into wilderness areas as a retreat, to refresh, recharge, and remember our place in the world. In my last post, I shared how the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in northern Minnesota has become an important place for me and the part of the inspiration for Redbudsuds.

I am not alone in being inspired by this Minnesota wilderness. Today, it is the #1 most-visited wilderness area in the USA. Why, you might ask?<

Today my tools for inspiration look a little different. Through the following links, I invite you on a virtual adventure to explore the beauty of the Boundary Waters, follow the story of copper-sulfide mining, and take practical action, both for the Boundary Waters and for your own community.

Tools for Inspiration

Look a wild wolf in the eye through the camera lens of National Geographic photographer Jim Brandenburg, a Minnesota native.

For a bit of history that continues it's influence today, find out how residents of Ely are balancing economic and environmental concerns.

To learn how copper-sulfide mining would change the pristine wilderness and more.

For additional info:


  1. To speak up for the BWCA, they're accepting public comments through August 17, 2017. If you have experienced the beauty of the Boundary Waters or feel compelled to speak out because of another wilderness experience you've had, now is your chance. Don't wait, just do it. Here's how.
  2. Take 15 minutes to start making a difference at home! Learn about the Compact of Mayors and find out of your mayor is a member. More info.
  3. Want to go further? Make your voice be heard and call your representatives and tell them to take action on climate. Here's how.
Bonus: Plan a trip to a wilderness area. Check out these 20 most popular wilderness areas in the US.

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