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It's #MotivationMonday! Enjoy this week's reflection on becoming an everyday activist to protect our precious planet at home, in our community, and beyond. This month we look at how to celebrate Earth Day Every Day.


Spring is in the air in northeast Ohio. Sun! Glorious sun! On days like this, you don’t have to ask me twice to put on my running shoes.

Let's be honest: I don’t pretend to like running. In fact, all winter long I found excuses to avoid it. But nothing could stop me from enjoying such a beautiful day outside.

That is, until a few paces into my joyful jog I found myself dodging styrofoam cups, plastic containers, candy wrappers, and discarded cans. Every few steps, more litter.

Why? Why would you trash such a brilliant day? What makes people think tossing their garbage on the streets is okay? Is it lack of pride? Carelessness? Convenience? Tradition?

I finished my run pondering this clash between beauty and brokenness.

Back at home, the dogwood tree in our front yard is erupting into blossom. I know that birdsong will be almost deafening tomorrow morning just before sunrise. And every sunny day our neighbors will suddenly emerge and front porches all up and down our street will be lively with conversation and cookouts again. These are things I cherish about living in town, overall something I’m still learning to love. When we look for connection and beauty, it is here, crystal clear. When that connection breaks down, when we forget how to love the “place” around us, we end up with trash in the streets.

I hope that love for the place in which we live will carry through our actions every day.

So how do we help create change?

A friend of mine Emily Moorefield Mariola at Flex Yoga Studio in the nearby town of Wooster, Ohio, had a similar experience. While out running, she started noticing how much trash littered the streets. She decided to do something about it. She challenged another local business, Vertical Runner, to see who could pick up the most trash. You can read the local paper’s write-up about it here.

We’re joining the challenge! On Tuesday, April 25, all friends of Redbudsuds will meet in Wooster for some local trash pick-up. Check Facebook or contact us for more info.

Stay tuned for a Canton trash pick-up soon.

Wherever you find yourself: in a city, town, country, or in the backcountry somewhere (lucky you!), remember that being a part of the solution doesn’t have to be hard. Join a local clean-up effort and encourage others to as well.

Earth Day is a great time to take initiative, but it is our collective small actions every day that make the biggest difference. Start today. 

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Small drops make an ocean; let’s make waves.

Thoughtfully yours,


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