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From a small seed a mighty trunk may grow.


This unseasonably warm and sunny February week has us thinking spring… which leads to summer… which leads to garden produce!

We’ve been reading some interesting books lately on techniques to make gardening easier, such as planting perennials and multi-layer gardening. Less work and more food is music to my ears. Check out Gaia’s Garden (below) to see what this looks like on a small scale.

This week we got busy starting seed indoors. Currently in the soil are thyme, tomatoes, kale, cabbage, and sweet and hot peppers. We even rigged up my grandma’s old fluorescent plant light and the seedlings are thanking us. Within days, the seed sprouts have started to come up.

We're unabashed newbies to the perennial gardening scene. So we're starting with what we know - planting vegetables - and storing up ideas for improvement as we learn.

I can almost taste summer…


Tools for Inspiration

MY INSPIRATION I was introduced to idea that our environmental footprint can actually be POSITIVE by watching the documentary Inhabit. It’s easy to get discouraged always trying to figure out how to lower your environmental impact, because it feels like a losing battle. But film-makers Costa Boutsikaris and Emmett Brennan help show a different way.

MY FAVE RESOURCE  Gaia’s Garden,” a practical book on backyard permaculture (short for “permanent agriculture” - think edible perennials a.k.a. stuff you don’t have to plant every year). This book is a great guide to help you create a vibrant edible garden that mimics natural ecosystems, even when dealing with limited space. Amazing.

AWESOME ACTION CHECKLIST Of all the resources I’ve found, this has been the most helpful to me to stay engaged in civic action without going crazy. For everything, including the environment. This awesome checklist helps me take action and join others making a positive difference. Get it here

WOAH NO WAY  Seeing this vertical garden made my jaw drop. You can create your own community or backyard vertical garden with these designs available FOR FREE thanks to IKEA Lab’s creative design team. See it and get the plans here.


Last but not least…



  1. Calling all kids! Got kids in your life? Teacher friends? is organizing a campaign to send our president a million letters by April 22 (Earth Day) encouraging him to “make the environment great again.” Spread the word! Learn more here.
  2. Divest from financial institutions supporting the Dakota Access Pipeline. This week, steps were taken to move forward with the pipeline construction. You can still make a statement that you support clean energy development over fossil fuel infrastructure as one way to build a bright future for our children and be a steward for our planet. This checklist (created by Jen Hofmann) walks you through the steps needed to divest your financial resources from banks that are backing the pipeline. It is comprehensive, so remember: you don’t have to do it all to make a difference. Pick something that inspires you!
  3. Educate yourself on the effects of climate change on your health. Check out the live-stream of the Climate and Health meeting this week at There’s 8 hours of content, so use the index to pick your favorite, tune in during your commute to work, or save it for your next road trip.

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Small drops make an ocean; let’s make waves.

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