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Water Drops and Kitten Sneezes

Water Drops and Kitten Sneezes

It's #ThoughtfulThursday. Enjoy our hand-picked selection of resources for you this week. In light of upcoming World Water Day (March 22), the theme is water.

Tools for Inspiration - Flow

MY INSPIRATION When I listen to the news, I hear about deep divisions in our country and that really gets me down. But when I look around me, I see far more examples of things we have in common. This week, I heard a talk by Reverend Kyle Earley in Cleveland. He noted that in working with diverse groups in his neighborhood (Muslim, Christian and Jewish), one thing connects them all: faith. When we let our faith inspire us into action, we can can be leaders in our community for love, listening, and positive change. We can find the issues that affect our neighborhoods/community and address them together, rather than be guided by fear. What’s one thing we all have in common? The need for clean water, clean air, protected natural areas, access to health care, quality education. Realizing these common needs can help reignite our desire to work together for good, one everyday action at a time.

MY FAVE RESOURCE  A fantastic resource for saving water around the house, check out these 100 ways to conserve water at home. You can search by tips by indoors, outdoors, office and kids.

AWESOME ACTION CHECKLIST This checklist for everyday Americans of Conscience is a great way to join others making a positive difference. (Disclaimer: We do not endorse all the actions on this list. We share it as a helpful tool.) Get it here.

WOAH NO WAY Did you know that our earth is warming at a rate of 400,000 hiroshima bombs per day… or the energy of 7.4 quadrillion kitten sneezes?


  1. Check for leaks. Did you know that a drop a minute means 5 gallons per day? Check your faucets for leaks!
  2. Talk to a teacher. is organizing kids to write 1 million letters to our president before Earth Day (April 22). Consider writing a story about a local river, lake or stream you want to keep clean. Contact a teacher you know to join the effort. Details.
  3. Say Thank You. Take a moment to thank a member of the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus. Choose from this list.

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Small drops make an ocean; let’s make waves.

Thoughtfully yours,


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