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What in the hashtag?

Life is better when it's shared. Here’s how you can play along with us on Instagram and share good vibes of thoughtfully clean living with your friends.

  1. #TakeTimeTues

We need reminders to stop, slow down, and smell the redbuds… or is it roses? #TakeTimeTues is an invitation to take a moment every Tuesday to look for nature’s wonder around you. Capture the moment in a pic, then share the beauty with us. Use the hashtag #TakeTimeTues to share with the REDBUDSUDS community.

  1. #WonderFilledWeekend

Friday rolls around, the workweek is almost over, and it’s time to do the happy dance!

The hashtag #WonderFiilledWeekend is all about celebration. How are you going to let loose and refresh yourself in the beauty of nature?

Sometimes it happens naturally – a vacation camping trip planned with the family, or an impromptu cook-out with friends in the summer. But sometimes – especially with winter approaching – you’ve really got to think. How am I going to get outside this weekend?

It has become my own personal challenge to get outside for at least 10 minutes every day: rain or shine, hell or high-water. #WonderFilledWeekend encourages us to think about how we can get out of our comfort zones and gain a little more perspective. Often, a walk in the woods or a weekend away can offer this beautifully. Whether that’s 10 minutes or something more, removing ourselves from the daily grind and connecting ourselves with nature can help us see the world (and our present situation) with new eyes.

Whether your #WonderFilledWeekend is brief  or elaborate, it’s important. Share it with us!

  1. #RBSEcoChallenge

Each season, Redbud Suds organizes a two-week challenge to encourage people to incorporate a new aspect of sustainability  into their daily routine.

This October, we also formed a team to participate in the EcoChallenge by NWEI and collectively saved 1,080 gallons of water during the two week challenge.

Over the past year, the #RedbudBeautyChallenge has included themes of: FLOW (water conservation), GROW (local food), and – coming up in January! – GLOW (energy conservation).

And there are prizes! Participants in the #RBSEcoChallenge are entered in drawings for prizes throughout the event. Stay tuned to see how you can participate in the next #RBSEcoChallenge.

I look forward to seeing you on Instagram!




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