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Average Bros Oils

Average Bros Oils

$ 12.00 $ 16.00

Cooler temps brings dry skin… WRONG! Average Bros Utility and Beard Oils are here to nip dryness in the bud. 

Give yourself a break; with these quality moisturizers, your skin and your beard will be doing the happy dance all year long.

Available in three scents for body, face and hair.

Buck Naked Utility Oil - simply unscented

Sawtooth Mountain - citrus and cedar

The Workshop -  cedar, sandalwood and spruce

Pro-Tip: these may be labeled as beard oils, but if you’re as obsessed with these fresh foresty scents as we are, you may also be tempted to use them as a general moisturizer. Indulge! After showering, apply on legs, arms, face as needed. Breathe deep and enjoy a little indoor walk in the woods. Mmmm!

About the Average Bros: A brand for “the discerning everyman,” this company is built on empowering ordinary people (the average bros, yo!) to grow it wild and find your true north. For every product sold they plant 25 square feet of prairie land with nectar-rich wildflowers each spring. They also focus on supporting men’s mental health through small acts of self-care with honestly priced men's care products and charitable contributions to the  Saratoga WarHorse Foundation which supports veterans' mental health issues.

Minnesota made.

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