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palo santo candle

palo santo candle

$ 25.00

LELU 8.4 oz. sustainable coconut soy candle 

Palo Santo is a tree native to South America traditionally used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. It’s also said to have properties that clear negative energy and promote well-being.  Let your senses be energized with palo santo, sandalwood, and cardamom.  

  • Each Lelu candle is handmade by us in small batches with a special blend of coconut and soy wax, essential oils and naturally derived fragrance oils.
  • We hand pour each candle into reclaimed glass we fabricate into one of a kind signature candle vessels.
  • Lelu candles are sustainably made and completely recyclable & biodegradable. 
  • Burn time varies by usage between 50 -65 hours. 

Liz C May 2022 

"Every single aspect of these candles is an aesthetic joy. The premium packaging, unique handcrafted vessel, and of course the thoughtful scents make these my new go-to candle! Would make a great gift for anyone (especially yourself!). Get one now!"

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