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Kokoa Botanics Natural Deodorant

Kokoa Botanics Natural Deodorant

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Raise your hand if you've been on the hunt for a natural deodorant that WORKS and doesn't come in plastic?

Introducing Kokoa, the deodorant that targets "dry sensitive skin, environmental damage, premature aging and offers all-natural support for odor-free, healthy, and glowing skin."

Did I mention it smells amazing?


Three scents:

  • WOODS a fresh blend of Cedar, Fir and Vetiver essential oil leaves you smelling fresh, and fights off odor causing bacteria. Magnesium, Zinc & Kaolin clay minerals give this deodorant extra odor protection and absorption.
  • CITRUS & BASIL fresh and clean, with the right balance of odor absorbing minerals, bamboo extract and arrow root powder to keep you fresh and odor free all day.
  • GRAPEFRUIT & YLANG YLANG also lightly scented with crisp and fresh essential oils, this powerhouse is also baking-soda free for the most sensitive armpits. Also includes magnesium, bamboo extract and zinc oxide for extra odor protection and absorption.

All day protection without aluminum, propylene glycol, synthetic chemicals.


What is Kokoa? "Kokoa was founded on the belief that natural body care encompasses both loving your body and the earth, as we are all one. KOKOA Pronounced [KŌ-KŌ-AH] by definition means “love of the heart”."

There's a big place in my heart now for this deodorant. Do yourself and the world a favor and try it.

Made in the USA.

"5 out of 5 stars  I am SO happy I searched for natural deodorants. THIS is the best! I am super active and I never even have to reapply throughout the day. Best of all my body is reacting nicely to the change. Will definitely purchase again!"  - Lauren

"Very good purchase. I love the cardboard container too. I love all three scents. Can't wait for the grapefruit scent to come! SUPER FAST SHIPPING TOO! Thanks. I'll be back!"  - Farrell

"I’ve tried tons of natural deodorant (mostly store bought from target) and NONE of them last me all day. I’m a hairstylist, I work 10 hour days with hot tools and blow driers on me, my arms in people’s faces and I SWEAR by this deodorant. Also it’s the only one that hasn’t caused red irritation bumps on me after 2 weeks of use. You have a life long buyer now."  - Ashley

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