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Garage Sale: 2nds!

Garage Sale: 2nds!

$ 4.00

Please note: If you are unable to add an item to your cart, it has sold out. These bad boys go fast.

Find yourself a deal! Get a Single Bar or a Surprise Bag!

These bars don't quite meet our normal standards:

The scent may have faded. There may be superficial imperfections like uneven surfaces or funky coloration. For surprise bags, bars are irregular in shape and size. They may or may not come with packaging.

The soap itself is perfectly fine.

Current options (until they sell out):

Citrus Sunshine - our regular 4-in-1, single bar (4 oz)

That Extra Meter Cedar- our regular 4-in-1, single bar (4 oz)

Sea Clay Rest Day - our regular 4-in-1, single bar (4 oz)

Scent Free - our regular 4-in-1, single bar (4 oz)

Gunflint Peppermint - our regular 4-in-1, single bar (4 oz)

Sweet Honey Oat - unscented body bar, made with local honey (4 oz)

Surprise Bag! THE BEST DEAL on a miscellaneous assortment of body or shower bars in random sizes and slices. Comes in three options:

  • Shower Bars - small bag, 10oz ($10) - Photo #2
  • Shower Bars - large bag, 20oz ($20) - Photo #2
  • Body Bars - one size bag, 15 oz ($10) - Photo #3


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