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Simple Shower

Simple Shower

$ 12.00

"Guaranteed to get you wet."

Even though getting dirty is what living life is all about, at some point, you have to get clean. The Simple Shower makes this quick and easy, no matter where you are.

Whether you're trying to take a Leave No Trace shower in the backcountry or wash your dog right outside your house, here's why we love ours:

  • Excellent flow
  • Easy to hold
  • No fancy equipment needed: just a water bottle, 2-liter soda bottle, or hydration bladder
  • Put out campfires
  • Wash off sand after a day at the beach
  • Wash your dog
  • Lightweight and small

For more tips on taking a Leave No Trace shower in the woods, check out our blog.

pssst... don't forget your Shower Bar and Shoofah!

    Made by nice people in Enumclaw, WA.

    1 percent for the planetWe are proud members of 1% for the Planet. We are serious about our commitment to our planet. read more >>

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