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"Fresh Tee" Scent-Free - Redbud Suds - 1

"Fresh Tee" Scent-Free

$ 14.00


Because sometimes all you want is life stripped down to the basics. No frills, fancy bells or whistles. Like putting on a fresh tee, just brought in from the drying in the sun.

  • For sensitive skin, scalps and noses
  • Fair trade, organic shea butter conditions and gives rich lather
  • Castor oil and blend of other oils cleanse, nourish, and moisturize
pssst... don't forget your Cedar Soap Deck!

    Ingredients: Water, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Lard, Olive Oil, Sodium Hydroxide*, Shea butter  *No lye remains after turning oils into soap.

    1 percent for the planetWe are proud members of 1% for the Planet. We are serious about our commitment to our planet. read more >>

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