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Reel Toilet Paper


Did you know that 27,000 trees are cut down daily to make toilet paper?!
Reel is made from tree-free, 100% bamboo paper.
Zero plastic packaging, even the tape.
The TP is soft, strong, and feels great.
AND it comes as a subscription (our favorite) so you never run out.
Reel makes managing the subscription super easy with their text message service - no forgotten passwords, no emails clogging your inbox, just a simple Yes or No if you need to make any changes.
The icing on the cake of this great brand is that they support ecological sanitation in Haiti and Africa with a portion of every sale.
We use it (and love it) here at Redbudsuds and wanted to let you in on this thoughtfully clean goodness too!
We are now official Reel affiliates! Please use the link below to make your Reel purchase to support us as well.

"Hand down this is the best toilet paper I've ever used.”

— Aubrey Helmuth Miller, Redbudsuds founder

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