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bath tea

bath tea

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When the daily grind has you feeling down, a gentle bath tea will turn it around.

To use, simply fill the satchel (included) with bath tea, steep 5 minutes in a hot bath, and soak yourself! Stay in as long as you please.

Bath tea is a perfect treat to use on its own or in tandem with your favorite bath bomb or an epsom salt soak.

The little satchel keeps the tea from getting all over your tub, and can be reused again and again.

Makes a thoughtful gift, too.

Bath Soak Ingredients: Himalayan sea salt, organic orange peel, organic chamomile flowers, organic lavender buds, organic rosemary leaf, organic raspberry leaf, organic rosehips, organic sage leaf, organic lemongrass, organic red rose buds and petals, organic bay leaf, organic cloves.

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