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Garage Sale: 2nds!

Garage Sale: 2nds!

$ 4.00

Please note: If you are unable to add an item to your cart, it has sold out. These bad boys go fast.

Find yourself a deal! Get a Single Bar or a Surprise Bag!

These bars don't quite meet our normal standards:

The scent may faded. There may be superficial imperfections like uneven surfaces or funky coloration. They may or may not come with packaging.

The soap itself is perfectly fine.

4 oz, approx

Current options (until they sell out):

Citrus Sunshine - our regular 4-in-1, single bar

Kickass Lemongrass - our regular 4-in-1, single bar

Sea Clay Rest Day - our regular 4-in-1, single bar

Scent Free - our regular 4-in-1, single bar

Sweet Honey Oat - our vintage unscented body bar, made with local honey. We were so excited to find a box of these!

Surprise Bag! THE BEST DEAL on a miscellaneous assortment of body and shower bars. Please note, MOST of these bars are body soaps. Comes in three sizes: small 7.5 oz ($5), medium 15 oz ($10) or large 30 oz ($20). See Photo #2.


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