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Shoofah + Shower Bar Set

Shoofah + Shower Bar Set

$ 17.00

Calling all soggy soap haters, double-thumbed soap-droppers, shower neat-freaks, and everyone who's ever experienced a magnetic attraction between hair and their shower bar. Oh yeah, and everyone with long locks who wishes the bar would just lather faster already.

We've got a game changer for you.

Each set includes a Redbudsuds shower bar and a convenient shoofah.

Here's why we love our shower bar + shoofah sets so much:

fast. Get amazing lather in way less time using less soap.

easy. Use the strap to hang the bar on your wrist so you never drop it.

clean. When you're done, just hang the shower bar + shoofah to dry. No mess.

Pro tip: If you're traveling and have to pack the bar right after you've showered, simply wrap the set in a bandana or washcloth until you've reached your destination. You can also stash it in a zip-lock bag for ultra-lite traveling.

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