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7 Ways to Love Your Mother

7 Ways to Love Your Mother

This blog is the 2nd in our Earth Day to Mother’s Day series with the Adventure Mamas Initiative.

Whether you have a mom, are a mom, or live on Mother Earth, it's easy to see just how important moms are.

In the spirit of gratitude to mothers not just on Mother’s Day but every day of the year, we came with a seven ideas to get you started.

Choose your own adventure, or do both!

Adventurous Moms

If you ARE a mother...

  1. Prioritize self-care. How often do you forget to show yourself some love? Yet if your cup isn't full, how can you love on others? Of course it's challenging to balance all the responsibilities that come with motherhood, but you have power to choose small things that feed your spirit and fit into a busy life. One great way to start? Incorporate products into your personal care routine (like our new Badass Mama shower bar!) that save time, do good for the planet, and make you feel good, too. No extra time required. Bonus: your supporting not only yourself, but also Mother Earth and maternal wellness in general, as 50% of the sale of each Badass Mama Bar goes to the great work of the Adventure Mamas Initiative. (Check out the wealth of resources on their website if you haven't already!)
  2. Get outside. Even 10 minutes of time spent in nature can trigger the physiological “rest and digest” response in our bodies. Do what you can to connect with the great outdoors, our Mother Earth. It is equally beneficial when done alone and with company!
  3. Choose one action to improve your earth-care. Is it building a single-use-plastic-free kit to take with you on the go (ie reusable utensils)? Using cloth diapers? Storing reusable grocery bags in the car so you don’t forget them next time? Repairing the next thing that breaks rather than tossing it and buying something new? The sky is the limit, but don’t be intimidated by the sky. Choose one thing and stick with it until it becomes a habit. Make it second nature for mother nature!

If you HAVE a mother...

  1. Tell her how much she means to you. Spoken affirmation is a big deal. Really.
  2. Speak her language without using words. Gifts? Make one. Time? Plan some.
  3. Bring her food. Who doesn't feel loved when someone else cooks for them?
  4. Repeat 1-3 for Mother Earth. This might feel like an odd thought to ponder, but what does mean to "tell" Mother Nature that we appreciate her effort? How do we do this with our actions? How do we "feed" Mother Nature (nourish, give back)? The answer may be surprisingly simple. Imagine: for your next big vehicle purchase, consider an electric or hybrid vehicle so that every time you drive, you’re caring doubly for your “mother” by reducing pollution. Or, take 10 minutes to research which politicians in the upcoming election will support clean environmental legislation and vote for them! If you like a practical approach, get your hands dirty and grow some of your own food: it connects you with the outdoors, nourishes your body, and drastically lessens your daily carbon footprint. There are so many options.
We're so excited about our newest Max-Impact Shower Bar that can help you enjoy self-care and earth care all at the same time. 50% of the sale of each bar goes to support maternal wellness through the creative, vibrant work of the Adventure Mamas Initiative.

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How do you already Show Up for Your Mother? Teach us!

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