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About us

About Us - PersonalI’m Aubrey, a born adventurer and fired up about this beautiful world we call home. I’ve got an incredible partner-in-life, Clinton, and together we make a great team. We’re outdoor enthusiasts. Inspired by nature. Hunting for hope. 

Our adventure towards REDBUDSUDS began in 2012 when we traded our secure jobs for a van and an open road. Too often in modern life, we’re so busy that we forget to reflect. We lose sight of how interdependent we are on the earth and each other. The journey that followed shifted our perspective. Taking time to slow down – to notice, to truly pay attention to our relationships with our fellow travelers and the earth – had an enormous impact on us.

Out of this, REDBUDSUDS has come alive.

REDBUDSUDS is a nod to my roots in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, where the redbud trees are the first to bloom on the mountainsides in the spring. REDBUDSUDS is a reminder that there’s a better season ahead. It is more than something to get you clean; it’s a reminder that every day we make small but important choices that actually make a difference.

About us - company

We handcraft one-of-a-kind shower bars for adventurers, travelers and people wanting to cut the clutter and the chemicals from their routines. What makes shower bars so awesome? They’re shampoo bars designed to cleanse and condition your hair. They can be used for your whole body and make a fantastic shaving soap, too. They’re made exclusively with ingredients you can pronounce. We even use locally sourced Berkshire lard, a key ingredient that helps make a great lather and adds to the hardness and long-lasting nature of our soap.

You will never see palm oil in our soap, a common ingredient found in handcrafted and commercial products. Why? Palm oil production is steeped in environmental degradation and political corruption around the globe. We found lard to be a fantastic alternative that provides the same (and more) benefits in our soap, plus it’s produced right here in Ohio! We keep sourcing, sustainability, and simplicity in mind as we live and promote a “thoughtfully clean” lifestyle.

Chances are, you’ve gotten bitten by the adventure bug just like we did. Maybe it was the first time you saw an Appalachian sunrise or climbed a desert tower. Maybe it was the call of a loon echoing over a lake in the northwoods or riding the surf on the coast. These experiences change us forever, and if we let them, they can change the course of our lives for the better. Small drops make an ocean.

Let's make waves!

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