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1 | How do I use the shampoo bar?

Wet your hair and lather the soap between your hands (above your head works best). Then gently work the bar along your scalp until you feel an amazing, big lather. It may take a little getting used to at first but don't worry! The awesome lather both shampoos and conditions. Rinse well, avoiding contact with eyes. Bonus: you don’t have to use extra conditioner. Extra bonus: once your hair adjusts, you can wash your hair less often. Three cheers for that.

2 | How does the shampoo bar work?

The big lather gently cleanses without stripping, and natural oils (like castor oil and shea butter) provide conditioning at the same time. No need to wash twice; one good lather and rinse is all you need.

3 | I really don’t need conditioner?

The bar was designed to both shampoo and condition. However, everyone’s needs are unique. If you try the bar for several washes and still feel like your hair needs more moisture, by all means, use it! A simple, all-natural alternative to "regular" conditioner is to use a quickly-absorbing oil like argan or jojoba oil. To use, simply apply a few drops to your palms, rub your hands together, and then apply to wet or dry hair (wet works best). Just remember: a little goes a long way!

4 | Is it true that shampoo bars don’t work in hard water?

We’ve tested our bars in extremely hard water and have found them to be successful!

If you’ve having a hard time with your water, try an occasional clarifying wash. Simply add a pinch of baking soda -- literally, just a pinch! -- to a quart of warm water. (A waterbottle works great.) Use this dissolved soda water to wet your hair. Don’t wet your hair with regular water first! Get it good and wet with the soda water, then lather up with the soap as usual. You can then rinse with regular shower water. I also suggest following with the clarifying spritz rinse (see #6).

If you're experiencing a "transition" phase, this clarifying wash can help. You may have to use this a few washes in a row, but once your hair adjusts, you can skip the extra soda step and simply use regular water like normal.

5 | I’ve tried shampoo bars in the past and my hair feels gummy. Am I doing something wrong?

Our shower bars have been formulated to not leave your hair with that icky waxy feeling. If you feel this, you may be rinsing too soon. Make sure you're getting lots of suds before rinsing.

If you know you've mastered the lather and your hair still feels gummy or waxy,  use the clarifying wash and spritz-rinse (see #4 and #6) in your next shower.

6 | What is the clarifying spritz rinse?

Occasional use of a clarifying spritz rinse can help balance your hair pH and ease the “transition phase” if you’re experiencing one. Here’s the solution we love (and use ourselves!): mix 1 tablespoon of vinegar (apple cider works best) in a 16-oz spray bottle. You can add 15-20 drops of hair-friendly essential oils (lavender or rosemary) to make it smell good. Spray generously on your hair immediately after washing, while you’re still in the shower. Rinse. You can adjust the dilution strength as needed. Use only as often as needed, since the clarifying rinse can be drying if used with every washing. You can also follow-up with a little jojoba or argan oil (see #3).

7 | I have long hair. Will it make my hair tangled?

The shower bar works for long hair and short hair alike. If you’re concerned about tangles, you can use the spritz rinse as it also serves as a detangler (recipe above).

8 | Does the shower bar work on colored hair?

All our testers have experienced no negative affect to their hair color. We do encourage you to use our bar at your own risk, however, as all colorants are unique and all hair is unique. As with any shampoo, test it out on a small amount of hair first. We also recommend waiting two weeks before using the shower bar on recently treated hair.

9 | Where has this been all my life?


where to, now?