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Using Redbudsuds with Curly and Textured Natural Hair

Using Redbudsuds with Curly and Textured Natural Hair

Natural hair for the win!

But wait… how does Redbudsuds 4-in-1 bar work with curly, kinky, coily, and textured, natural hair that needs ALL the moisture?

In this post, we'll hear from three women who can answer from experience.

woman with curly hair shampooing with redbudsuds 4-in-1 bar

To each contributor, I asked two simple questions:

  1. What is your biggest hair problem that RBS solves?
  2. What is your haircare routine?

Many thanks to Maranda Saling (@marandasaling), Chelsea Murphy (@she_colorsnature) and Moonbeam Tonks (@hikingwiththe3ks) who have kindly shared in-depth user reviews of how Redbudsuds works for them and/or their family.

PS - All three of these incredible women adventurers are also very active on Instagram where they create invaluable resources on topics such as anti-racism education, hiking with kids, environmental / social justice actions, and more. I have learned SO much from them, and highly recommend giving them a follow (links above).

Alright, let’s dive in!


that smile gives it away - redbudsuds smells amazing

Maranda Saling

What are your biggest hair issues and how does Redbudsuds help?

My three biggest hair issues and how Redbudsuds helps:

  1. Curl definition and frizz RBS leaves my hair clean and ready for conditioner
  2. Having so many products/bottles.  RBS means I can use one bar from head to toe
  3. Unpredictability.... Ha. Nice try! Even RBS can't help with this, but that's okay because it keeps life fun!

Maranda on a boat on a lake

photo provided by Maranda

What is your haircare routine?

Once a week I do a thorough wash with RBS for a few minutes to lather and wash followed with conditioner. I use the same RBS bar on my body while the conditioner is in my hair. This is my newest trick: after rinsing the conditioner out, with my hair still dripping wet, I flip my head upside down and put my cream-based curl product evenly in my hair. This allows my natural curl pattern to form. I then put it up in a loose, high bun overnight (silk pillowcase is ESSENTIAL!) and blow-dry my mostly dry hair in the morning or I just sleep with it wet and down (again, the silk pillowcase is a must here) and let my curls form as my hair dries overnight.  

Once or twice a week I'll get my hair wet and condition it or use my frizz eliminator spray (think dry-shampoo but for curly hair!) to get more out of my wash and rock a cute updo on wash day. 


the Three K's

photos provided by Moonbeam

Moonbeam Tonks and the 3 K’s

What are your biggest hair issues and how does Redbudsuds help?

Using RBS is cool for our family because there are very few products we can all share with our different hair types, and this is one of them. We use it at home and we bring it camping. We love the smell! It makes us feel good to know we're using an environmentally friendly product.

Moonbeam and the 3 K's

Can you tell us your haircare routine?

This is gonna be a long one! I'll share one of the kids - Baby K - because each one has a different hair type and therefore different haircare. We follow this whole routine once/month but we do a shortened version without shampooing each week.

  1. Remove current hairstyle
  2. Rinse hair with water
  3. Divide into sections
  4. Apply "pre-poo" mixture of coconut/olive oil & conditioner
  5. Cover with shower cap & go to sleep
  6. Wake up and rinse out pre-poo (still in sections)
  7. Detangle by section
  8. Wash each section with RBS
  9. Rinse with water
  10. Slather each section with argan or jojoba oil
  11. Detangle by section again, then clip up
  12. Style each section (we only use protective styles)

(Don’t forget to follow @hikingwiththe3ks for real-life adventure stories with kids, plus lots of laughs, plus lots of candid conversations about anti-racism and living humbly in this world.)


Chelsea Murphy of @she_colorsnature

photo from Chelsea's Instagram @she_colorsnature

Chelsea Murphy 

What are your biggest hair issues and how does Redbudsuds help?

As I fall more and more in love with the outdoors, I am falling more in love with the plan towards less waste and caring for our planet. In all things that I do I want to be conscious of the impact that I am leaving behind. It's been easy to transform my kitchen and bathroom to a space with no single use plastics, slowly but surely. The hardest area that I have found resistance to bulk products is in the beauty and hair department, more specifically the ethnic hair department. Recently I have been wanting to try different low waste shampoos/conditioner bars so that I can land on something that works for both my hair and the planet.

I stumbled upon Red Bud Suds and am really pleased so far!

Here was my process:

video created by Chelsea especially for us, thanks Chelsea!

Video recap:

  1. Took out my protective style (braids) after a few weeks with no wash and tons of adventure. It was PAST time to wash.
  2. Separated my hair into four equal parts so I could wash and be sure the soap got worked into the middle of my hair.
  3. Followed the awesome instructions on how to get lots of suds with the Shoofah and began washing sections 1-4 of my hair with Redbudsuds’ Scent Free 4-in-1. (Side note: If you’ve never used a Shoofah, it’s a net-like item you put your soap into. It saves you on soap and adds suds to your experience! Also, it's recyclable!)
  4. Lathered and rinsed, and followed up with Shea Moisture, protein treatment for an added conditioner defense. 
  5. Let the protein sit in for 20 minutes and then rinsed that out. 
  6. Got out of the shower and began my process of putting jojoba oil and curl cream in for added moisture before putting my hair back in my favorite protective style.
  7. Braided my hair and styled it for the weeks to follow.
  8. Put my 4-in-1 bar aside to insure it dries out properly and is ready for my next use!
  9. Ready and set for my next adventure. (Pro-tip: the incredibly awesome beanie by Beautifully Warm is a must for natural-hair-friendly cool weather adventures!)

As far as I can see the Redbudsuds all in one bar is a great low waste alternative for washing my hair. My hair is thick and very curly, and I have found that the less ingredients there are in a wash product, the better!

The key to my hair’s success is in the protein and hair strengthening treatments that I often make myself. Products like aloe leaf contents, avocado and coconut oil will help boost this bar of soap in all the best ways that are both for my hair and for the planet.

Can't wait to continue using this product and continue adventuring, hiking and camping with my family without worrying about the impact of plastic bottles in the spaces and places I love most.

My hair was made for wild adventure, and so is yours!

(Don’t forget to follow @she_colorsnature to keep up with her adventures in the outdoors, hiking with kids, and a side of hair tutorials and advocating for diversity in the outdoors! To get a sneak peek at the film she’s working on, visit her new website. Seriously, this rad adventurer activist is on fire and you won’t want to miss it.)


How to choose the bar for you? Start with one of our new Hydration Station bars, or use this guide.

Find more answers to your questions at FAQ’s.

Drop us a line below if you use RBS for your curly or textured hair and have a tip to share!


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