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Just getting started? Become a shower bar pro with these quick-and-easy tips.

Get friendly

Use the shower bar for at least three consecutive washes before deciding whether or not it’s the thing for you. Usually, the shower bar is love at first use, but some people do experience a transition as their hair adjusts from conventional products to the natural bar. It’s normal for your hair to feel different – that’s a good thing!

Get sudsy

Keep lathering until you get a lot of suds. You’ll know when you do; it’s awesome. Rinsing before you get the good lather can leave your hair feeling gummy. No bueno. So get the good suds, rinse well, and you’ll be good to go.

Take it easy

Don’t wash your hair everyday. (What?! Yes!) Give your scalp a break. Your hair will thank you.

Travel tip

Pack soap in a mini quick-dry mesh sack. Use it while it’s still in the bag, then hang it to dry anywhere you like. If you have to pack it up before it dries off, just wrap it in a washcloth or dry bandana.

Respect the bar

Store it out of the shower spray. I’m talking all the way on the other side of the shower. Or outside of the shower altogether. Using a well-draining soap deck, dish, or mesh sack helps a lot! Drying out your bar between uses will greatly increase its life.

Need more help?

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