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Camper Chat: Waterway Jay

Camper Chat: Waterway Jay

Never underestimate the power of showing up, the goodness of people, and the power of your own daily choices and actions.


In this week's STOKE, we bring you a Camper Chat-style interview with Waterway Jay. A cheery Minnesota native, Jay shares stories from his 2-year adventure paddling all of Minnesota’s water trails to raise awareness for clean water. How’s he do it? How did it go? What’s happening now?

Also this week, we're celebrating the return of our limited edition Boundary Waters "Gunflint Peppermint" bar. 10% of every bar purchase goes to protect this crown jewel wilderness area from a copper sulfide mine via Save the Boundary Waters.

Redbudsuds Gunflint Peppermint Bar for Save the Boundary Waters

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Until next week, may your adventures be thoughtfully clean.



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