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Virtual Tour: Red Rock Canyon

Virtual Tour: Red Rock Canyon

When I say desert, what comes to your mind?

Did I hear you say pools, palm trees and lots of people?

Just last week, I had the privilege of attending the national Handcrafted Soap conference (yes, there is such a thing!). And guess where it was? None other than Las Vegas, Nevada.

In the desert. It was weird.

Don’t get me wrong, there was plenty to enjoy: shows, delicious food, architectural designs that illicit wonder, unforgettable fashions that illicit... well… I’d say use your imagination but there’s not much room left for that.

Admittedly, Vegas isn’t really my style. I did enjoy the soap conference, but where I really wanted to be during my free time was just about 15 miles out of the city where you can find some of the most incredible geological formations in the US.

I’m talking about Red Rock Canyon, Nevada.

Today my tools for inspiration look a little different. Through the following links, I invite you on a virtual adventure to explore the beauty of Red Rock, follow the story of development in the region, and take practical action, both for Red Rock and your own community.

Tools for Inspiration

Over 2 million people visit Red Rock every year for hiking, biking, climbing and more. Thanks to hard work of many individuals, much of the area is protected as Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

See scenic photos and Mountain Project’s slideshow of my dream route, Epinephrine.

However there is a nearby section of land that is under consideration for development. Local residents and a host of climbers have spearheaded an effort to protect the region, utilizing outdoor enthusiasts, petitions, and local government to rally for protecting the natural beauty for long-term, sustainable use of the land.

To follow their current efforts, visit and check out this article.

To take action and show your support for protecting this national treasure:

  • Sign the Keep Red Rock Rural They’re already over their goal of 50,000 votes. Let’s keep that number rising to show how much we care!
  • Learn about current efforts to protect Red Rocks, including Assembly Bill 277 (AB277).
    • Vote “for” AB277 to help show your support of keeping Red Rock wild at
    • When prompted to leave a comment, I responded with the following. Feel free to use this as a basis for your own! “I am not a Nevada citizen, however Red Rocks is such a national treasure that I feel compelled to weigh in from the northeast USA where we don't have such incredible landscapes. I am from Ohio, an avid rock climber and outdoor enthusiast. I have admired Red Rocks for decades, as have many others from my area. In Ohio, our more densely populated areas no longer offer large swaths of protected, natural lands where we can enjoy nature. It would be heartbreaking to see the rugged beauty of this special area carved up and developed. It is such a rare and wonderful treasure as it is. Please, keep it wild.”
    • To track the progress, visit here.

Learn more at

Remember, making a difference doesn't have to be complicated, it can simply mean taking the time to join in a effort to protect what you love.

Have you visited Red Rock Canyon? Joined an effort to protect this natural resource or one near you?

Share your experiences with us in the comments or on FB / IG @redbudsuds #thoughtfullyclean


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