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Great Lakes Giving Weekend: Alliance for the Great Lakes

Great Lakes Giving Weekend: Alliance for the Great Lakes

25% of all online this weekend (January 15-16, 2022) will go to Alliance for the Great Lakes.

Great lakes giving weekend

Are you obsessed with water? Like, do you drink it every day, love siting by a lake, fishing on a lake, splashing in a lake, looking at a lake at sunrise/sunset… really anytime???

Cool, us too.

Let’s turn our love into powerful action, because the biggest source of fresh water in the world — the Great Lakes — is under threat and needs our attention.

In the face of threats like pollution, invasive species, industry, climate change and more, we refuse to just sit back and watch.

That’s why, this weekend, we’re supporting Alliance for the Great Lakes, who has worked tirelessly and comprehensively for decades to protect the GL.

Through “advocacy and leadership, education and action, research and analysis” they connect and empower people to advocate, give back, and take action to protect the lakes.

Check out more on their website, and consider dropping them a direct donation!

25% of every purchase made at our shop this weekend only will go straight to Alliance for the Great Lakes.

We have all kinds of plastic-free goods so it’s a double-whammy: stock up on earth-friendly items AND have the purchase count extra with an automatic donation to a great cause.

If this inspires you, help us spread the word! Share this post with a friend (or few) with whom you love adventuring.


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