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How to Choose Your Shower Bar

How to Choose Your Shower Bar

So you’re ready to use shower bars but don’t know where to start. We’re here to help.

Picking the best shower bar for you is easy: start with the one you want!

It’s that simple.

Wait. What?! Shouldn’t there be a special bar for dry scalp and hair, or a different one for oily hair, and a different one for sensitive skin? Yes, and there are. However everyone’s skin and scalps are unique, and what works for one person may have a different effect on someone else. So we recommend starting with the one you want the most, and adjusting accordingly. Here’s why:

All Redbudsuds shower bars are designed to be gentle, lather up fantastically, and leave your hair, scalp and skin moisturized and feeling great. We scent them with pure essential oils, so each bar smells like the real deal because it is the real deal. Plus you get the botanical benefits as well as the nice smells.

So go ahead, take your pick!

Here are some of the finer points that make each bar special to help you refine your selection:

  • Citrus Sunshine | the best bar if you don’t know where to start. Great for all types, including combination hair/skin. Light, fresh scent.
  • That Extra-Meter Cedar | best for fine hair/oily scalps, also excellent as a facial bar thanks to detoxifying activated charcoal. Deep, woodsy scent.
  • Kickass Lemongrass | our most conditioning with henna and tea tree, great for dry scalps/hair thanks to henna (non-coloring) and tea tree oil. Bizarrely, this one also works great on troubled facial skin, again thanks to tea tree. Powerful scent.
  • Sea Clay Rest Day | great for all skin/hair types. Sea Clay adds silkiness to the lather, also makes it a superior shaving bar, giving the lather just a little extra “slip” for the razor to glide easily across the skin. Light, calming, fresh scent.
  • Scent Free | for sensitive skin and scalps (and noses). Get all the great moisture, conditioning and gentle cleansing without any frills. Got kids? It’s also the best pick for babies.
  • Still unsure? Try the Travel Epic Suds Bundle and try them all out (and get a Travel Shoofah + Cotton Satchel). Experience the simplicity of a shampoo bar, conditioner, body soap and shave soap all in one!

Do you have a fave? Let us know which one and why in the comments below or at hello@redbudsuds.

See? Simplifying your shower is fun. Life is complex, so it's nice to simplify what you can. Thanks for joining us in the journey. ☀️

Love deeply. Adventure gently. Be thoughtfully clean.

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Thoughtfully yours,


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  • Janet L Bennett on

    We received a complimentary bar of red bud suds sea clay soap bar with our new t@b 400. i instantly fell in love with your soap. My husband wasn’t too sure about it. he uses “manly soaps” i.e. irish spring, etc. he tried it last night and was so impressed had me buy the full pack of your various soaps so we could try them all.

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