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LNT Adventure Tips from Real Life Adventure Mamas

LNT Adventure Tips from Real Life Adventure Mamas

For our 4th and final blog in our #ShowUpforYourMother series with the Adventure Mamas, we asked adventure mamas themselves how they SHOW UP for Mother Earth.

Here's what they had to say!

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I like to show up for Mama Nature by making small changes that don’t feel overwhelming. For example, I mostly buy second hand for myself and my family. By not contributing to fast fashion we cut down on waste and clothing that ends up in landfills. Easy peasy.

- Michelle Craig -


If you forget the reusable bags for the grocery run (which, #mombrain, happens a lot over here) just load everything back into the cart with no bags and carry on. Tiny bit more work but... small price to pay! 👏🏻 It’s the little things!

- Lauren Humphrey -



Our family strives to show up for Mother Nature in a variety of ways that seem small on their own, but every little effort we make adds up. Bike commuting or walking when we can, clean eating, thrifting for clothing, and bringing our own reusable mugs and straws with us to coffee shops. It all adds up to make a bigger impact than you might realize.

- Alexandra Moritz-Hanson -


My way is to just make one small change each week. We are so busy with work and kids that small and regular is the way to go (for me anyway). I am also keeping accountable by posting



We show up for nature by not only leaving no trace, but erasing the trace of others. We have a rule at the beach where we cannot leave until each family member has picked up at least 5 pieces of plastic to pack out.

- Megan Puhl -



    I’ve been using Redbudsuds for several months and I have been LOVING it. My hair loves it. My face and body love it. My mister digs it. It’s a winner in my house and I’m never going back.

    - Sarah G -


      So there you have it: wise words from the adventure mamas makin' it happen every day.

      I hope you've been inspired, entertained, and empowered with fresh ideas on how to make a difference in your world.

      And as always, we’d love to hear from you!

      How do you Show Up for Your Mother?

      Let us know in the comments below, or share on Facebook/Instagram and tag us with @redbudsuds @adventuremamas #showupforyourmother


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