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Love Your Mother Gift Boxes + 3 Things to Make You Smile

Love Your Mother Gift Boxes + 3 Things to Make You Smile

Happy Earth Day! TODAY we're celebrating with the official launch of our Love Your Mother gift boxes at our webshop. This is in collaboration with April Couch at Totally Tangled Creations to with 10% of each box benefitting the Loveland Foundation. Learn more.
In this video, Aubrey is joined by Bitty Bud (until confetti wrecks the party;). You'll see all the Love Your Mother gift box options, plus three things that will make you smile:
1. Sunshine (a song she wrote when she was 10)
2. Still Life (a lovely novel by Louise Penny) with a side of encouragement to find some lighthearted delight in your life, especially if you're languishing.
3. Science Class: check out the Climate Solutions 101 class by Project Drawdown. It's free!
Additional links:
Celebrate Earth Day with Leave No Trace Center #leavenotrash
Celebrate Earth Day with @Pattiegonia and get some stickers! #threeforshe
Celebrate Earth Day with Aubrey's #1 favorite climate scientist (and co-host of the incredible podcast How to Save a Planet) Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson. Tonight, she'll talk with Stacey Abrams at 5pm EST on Instagram Live tonight. Don't miss it! Or catch the archive on her IGTV.
Last but not least, a bonus you won't want to miss (nor keep to yourself):
Bad Future, Better Future a beautiful interactive guide for kids, and everyone else, about climate change -- and what we can do about it. by Julia Rosen, illustrated by Yuliya Parshitta-Kottas
Until next time, may your adventures be thoughtfully clean.


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