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Ohio Small Businesses Making a Difference for Clean Water

Ohio Small Businesses Making a Difference for Clean Water

We’re making our own history as Aubrey invites THREE guests to this week's Stoke!



 In this chat:

1. New product up on the web shop: Balm Bar! by Infuse Organics

2. Our guests are two other outdoor business owners, Wes from Scioto Made and Josh of the newly opened Cleveland Outpost. We chat about how (and why) we take a stand for protecting water in our community and Lisa, our friend and coordinator from Great Lakes Business Network, chimes in with how you can get involved with protecting the Great Lakes too.

3. GIVEAWAY preview! We're hosting an epic outdoor gear giveaway that opens on Sunday, and you get a sneak preview. Watch for the sign-up link coming this Father's Day weekend.

Being thoughtful about the products we use affects the land, the water, and allows us to step onwards in the direction of hope.

Thanks for being part of this thoughtfully clean community.


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