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Boundary Waters Giving Weekend

Boundary Waters Giving Weekend

Nature is the tonic for the ails of being human in todays’ world. Spending time outside, connecting with the trees, water, and sky above, has an expressly positive impact on our physical and emotional well being. 
When you close your eyes and meditate on a place in nature that brings you peace and helps to recenter your mind, where do you go? Are you transported back to a place, when and where you consciously paused in the moment; and marked the geolocation proclaiming, yes this is the place?! These are magical moments when we are connected and tuned in to nature at its best. 
Our mission is to use our love of adventure to spark simplicity and inspire action in everyday life.  We focus on what we can change, not on what we can't. What does a thoughtfully clean life look like? Shop REDBUDSUDS during Get More & Give Back Weekend January 27- 30th and 25% of every REDBUDSUDS purchase this weekend  goes directly to Save the Boundary Waters

Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters - was formed to create a national movement to protect the  1 million acre freshwater wilderness area in the boreal forest of northern Minnesota from America’s most toxic industry: sulfide-ore copper mining. It is organized, led, and funded by Northeastern Minnesotans for Wilderness (NMW).  Boundary Waters Permanent Protection Bill was introduced in Minnesota House and Senate this week.  Check out their website and take action.

Gunflint Peppermint is named for a region in the Boundary Waters, a gorgeous wilderness area in the boreal forest of northern Minnesota that's currently under threat of a toxic sulfide-ore copper mine.

Advocate with the Gunflint Peppermint Hydration shower bar! Consider this your daily refresh “mint" for the path ahead: a light and lively Rosemary and Peppermint blend to awaken your senses and put that spring in your step. 

Simplify your routines and lifestyle. Connect with the outdoors every day. Protect the land and water that sustain us.  It can start with something as simple as the shower you take every day. 

Together, we have STOPPED over 230,000 plastic bottles and donated $20,000 to protect water and help people reconnect with the rest of nature through organizations like Save the Boundary Waters, Alliance for the Great Lakes, Brave Trails, One Percent for the Planet, and more.



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