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Try It Tiny!

Try It Tiny!

Maggie Daniels, founder of Try It Tiny (the AirBnB for tiny houses), shares with us what inspired her to start Try It Tiny and how it's a great way to have a thoughtfully clean adventure.
Hi Red Bud Suds lovers! 
My name is Maggie and while I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Aubrey, we have learned that our new-found friendship extends beyond smiles and is rooted in similar core values.
I wanted to share a little background about me and my business, Try It Tiny, but keep an eye out for tiny living tips and tricks that can be applied regardless of the size of your home!
About a year ago, I was sitting in my living room in rural Indiana reviewing my upcoming Airbnb guests that would be coming to stay at my ranch.  I had been renting the house for several months and to my surprise, it was working!  I had no idea that my modest home, in the middle of nowhere, would be such a hit.
To avoid receiving 'the boot' from my property, I decided to build a tiny house.  I could stay there when my home was renting, keep livestock and still earn extra cash.  This was the start of Try It Tiny and before I knew it, my simple plan evolved into my passion and full-time business.
Try It Tiny is similar to an Airbnb concept but instead of Hosts listing their traditional / foundation home for rent, they can list either their tiny house or their land for rent.  Generally speaking, people 'go tiny' for two main reasons: financial flexibility and geographic freedom.  With that in mind, buying land runs counter to both of them leaving the challenge of finding a place to park. 
I would imagine that if you're half as big of a fan of Redbudsuds as I am, you probably support having a low carbon footprint and strive for a minimalist lifestyle.  The tiny house movement shares these views and while full-time tiny living may not be for everyone, with Try It Tiny it no longer has to be.  Now, you can further explore alternatives to the traditional dwelling by renting a tiny house.  Didn't our parents always say we had to at least 'try it' first?
Already live tiny? Whether your abode is an RV, camper, van or tiny house you're welcome to search our land inventory and find an on or off-grid location to explore.
Until next time, just remember to dream it, try it, live everything you do.
Your friend,


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