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Outdoors for Everyone

Outdoors for Everyone

Connecting with the outdoors is for everyone. 

Let's acknowledge that until pretty recently - the outdoor adventure space was predominantly male led, and accessible by the privileged. 

Positive experiences in nature have the power to transform us. Look around today you see more and more women, BIPOC, and LGTBQ+ leadership making the outdoors more accessible for everyone.  

Boulder, Colorado based non-profit Women's Wilderness was founded in 1998 by Laura Tyson, a wilderness therapist and professional outdoor educator. She observed that outdoor experiences offered by the nation's leading outdoor education organizations at the time were largely led by male guides and serving primarily boys and young men.

Women's Wilderness serves groups who have been historically excluded from outdoor spaces including girls, women, low-income, non-binary individuals, immigrant and refugee youth, and Black and Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC).


Women's Wilderness MISSION

"Create space for girls, women, and non-binary people of all ages and backgrounds to find their place, their voice, and their power in the outdoors". 

  •  Outdoor Girl Immigrant Refugee Leadership Series - free culturally responsive after school programming and weekend outdoor outings for immigrants and refugee girls+ that center mental health, belonging, and leadership.

  • Girls Lead for Life - free beginner friendly after school rock climbing program geared toward adolescent girls+ from low income households that uses climbing as a tool to model socio-emotional skills, mind-body connection, leadership, and confidence.

  • Girls’ Wilderness Adventures - Fee and scholarship outdoor programming such as leadership summer camps, backpacking, camping, and climbing trips for girls+ ages 10-18 led by experienced women and non-binary instructors and educators.

  • Trailblazers - low-cost year-round outing such as hikes, whitewater rafting, weekend retreats, skiing, and more for Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) who identify as women+ that center community building, belonging, and mental and physical health led by experienced BIPOC women+ instructors

photo courtesy of Women's Wilderness 


 Outdoor Experience Resources 

Women | LQTBQ+ | BIPOC | Refugee & Immigrant 

Women's Wilderness Boulder, Colorado based outdoor leadership programs for girls, women, low-income individuals, non-binary people, immigrant and refugee youth, and Black and Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC).

Root Adventures  Anti-bucket list adventure travel, offering small group domestic and international adventures with emphasis on equity & inclusion, authentic connections, and mindfulness.

Women's Wilderness Discovery Ely, Minnesota Peta Barrett launched Women's Wilderness Discovery in 2014.  Today, a team of female wilderness guides lead small group excursions to experience paddle and portaging in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA). 

Girl Camper  largest outdoor women’s adventure group in the US with chapters in over 30 states mentoring women into the great outdoors.

Brave Trails  LGTBQ+ youth leadership camp, with locations in California and New York. Programming includes summer camp, backpacking, family camp, mental health services, and workshops. 

Leave a comment or drop us a note - let's grow this list together and share knowledge! 




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