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TAKE TIME TUESDAY: Unlikely Hikers with Jenny Bruso

TAKE TIME TUESDAY: Unlikely Hikers with Jenny Bruso

"We Can Do Hard Things"

This is the fifth blog in our Take Time Tuesday series exploring intersectional environmentalism. Each week, we highlight thought leaders paving the way and teaching us how to be better people, both through anti-racist education and environmental justice. Find the first one here.

At times, caring simultaneously for social justice, environmental justice, and your own well-being can seem like an impossible task.

Jenny Bruso, self-defined as "a white, queer, fat, femme, writer and hiker," created Unlikely Hikers to be "a diverse, anti-racist, body-liberating outdoor community featuring the underrepresented outdoorsperson."

This week for Take Time Tuesday, we're highlighting her recent episode entitled "We Can Do Hard Things."

This exceptional episode features four storytellers, each sharing how they overcame deep personal (and societal) challenges to discover strength they didn't know they had.

Featured in the podcast are:

  • Megan Banker @pdxoutdoorchiro
  • Keenan Adams @keenan_the_nomad
  • Will "Akuna" Robinson @akunahikes
  • Pattie Gonia (Wyn Wiley) @pattiegonia

I have learned so much from listening to Jenny's podcasts. Start here, and I'm sure you'll get hooked on other episodes in the Unlikely Hikers podcast, just like I did.


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