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DanSoap Laundry Soap

DanSoap Laundry Soap

$ 16.00

2.2 lbs | 70 loads!

Fight stains, eliminate odors and get yourself a cleaning powerhouse without all the waste one of these sturdy tubs of wonder! There's nothing we don't love about these mighty little tubs of wonder.

How this powder packs a punch with one little scoop:

  • fight stains
  • eliminate stank
  • worry-free, simple ingredients
  • scent free or lightly scented with real essential oils
  • zero plastic packaging! all back-yard compostable

Biodegradable ingredients are compatible with HE and regular washers, septic safe, and gray water safe - even for off-grid agitators.

Seriously the best.

Made in OHIO.

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