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resupply & refill

resupply & refill

$ 33.25 $ 105.00

Order in bulk and make simple suds even simpler.

What you get: 10 bars, all naked. Just choose scent and size.

Each bar is shampoo, conditioner, body soap and shaving cream ALL IN ONE.

Whether you are a thru-hiker prepping for your next trip or a sustainability nerd trying to get rid of all unnecessary packaging in your life, this is the easiest way to get the suds you need, when you need them, without anything you don't.

Scent options:

  • Sun Chaser 5 bars citrus sunshine, 5 bars kickass lemongrass*
  • Woodsy Wanderer 5 bars extra-meter cedar, 5 bars sea clay rest day
  • Everything 2 citrus sunshine, 2 extra-meter cedar, 2 sea clay, 2 kickass lemongrass, 2 scent free
  • Scent Free 10 bars unscented
  • Build Your Own list which bars you'd like in the "order notes" at checkout

*these scents contain essential oils that do not attract mosquitoes

One Shoofah comes FREE with every order. If you don't need yours, share it.

If you want to order fewer than 10 bars for your resupply, use our epic suds listing and write "no box" in your order notes. You can also select the "no box" option on our single item listings.

Starting a thru-hike? Get more info and a freebie right here.

Full value: $109 Full Size / $43 Travel Size

Made by adventurers in OHIO.

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