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3 Ways to Transform Your Laundry Routine

3 Ways to Transform Your Laundry Routine

It's Thoughtfully Clean Laundry Time!

In this week's STOKE, I talk about my three favorite eco-friendly laundry solutions. You'll get three powerful ways to improve your laundry routine, including why you need to stop using fabric softener and dryer sheets (learn more) and what to use instead.

I also share more about very own DIY Soap Shavings for Redbudsuds-scented bliss on your clothes.

Plus two announcements:

  • LOCALS! We now have an OFFICIAL local pick-up option, available to EVERYONE! Just place your order online and at checkout, select local pick up at Walkie Talkie Coffee Shop. When it's ready, you can pick it up at the shop at your convenience. (And if you decide to order coffee too, I recommend the habanero latte!)
  • Team Redbudsuds (Aubrey, Liz and Amanda) is rappelling Over the Edge of one of the tallest buildings in Canton to raise money for a phenomenal local after-school program, Lighthouse Ministries. Our goal is to raise $4000 and we're WINNING at $1154 so far. Learn more and donate to send us over the edge!

Thoughtfully Clean forever.



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