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Camper Chat #3: Save the Boundary Waters

Camper Chat #3: Save the Boundary Waters

#3 in our Camper Chat interview series, this month we're thrilled to bring you the inside scoop with three staff members from the Save the Boundary Waters Campaign.

In this episode:

A Mexican-born, first-generation US immigrant shifts from Saving the Bees to Saving the Boundary Waters. The first bill outlining permanent protection of the Boundary Waters gets traction in the middle of a pandemic.

The team shares approachable actions you can take right now to protect this national treasure, whether from your couch, campsite, or computer.

Watch now for a power half-hour full of stories, inspiration, practical advice as we chat with Lisa, Roberto and Megan from the Campaign.


Resources shared in the video

Volunteer Opportunities with Save the BWCA

Sign the Petition telling Congress to take action to permanently protect the BWCA from toxic mining

Become an Ambassador for the BWCA wilderness

Stay in touch with the BWCA: Join the email list, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Stay in touch with Redbudsuds: Join the email list, Facebook, Instagram


Shop to support!

20% of all Redbudsuds sales through Sunday (8/16/2020) will go to Save the BWCA with coupon code BWCAchat.


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