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CC #4: Hunt to Eat

CC #4: Hunt to Eat

Camper Chat #4 with Gabby Zaldumbide, Hunt to Eat

In this episode:

Aubrey and Gabby chat about ethically hunting Gabby's first bear, insight on the culture of hunting as a female, and have an open conversation on the challenges and delights of mixing business and advocacy in our ever-changing world.

Resources mentioned:

Gabby's faves:

Place to Adventure - Gunnison County, CO

Adventure Food - you'll never find her without electrolyte-enhancing Propel packets in her back pocket

Podcasts - The Joe Rogan Experience, Artemis

Book - Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer


Are you a hunter, or do you have a hunting friend? Check out Hunt to Eat's sweet apparel and support conservation at the same time at

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