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GLOW with us in 2016

GLOW with us in 2016

Happy New Year from Redbudsuds!

We’re celebrating with a new Redbud Beauty Challenge: GLOW.

It’s here. It’s 2016. Do you have your resolutions ready? For me, last year’s list included eating healthier, exercising more, being more reflective…. they’re all great ideas. But how about a New Year’s resolution that keeps improving lives even after the resolve of a new year wears thin?

This year, I’m resolving to improve my impact on personally addressing climate change and inspire others along the way. I know that whatever I do is only a tiny drop in the bucket, but I’d rather be taking small steps forward rather than guided by fear and doubt and do nothing.

So here we are! Will you take the RBSEcoChallenge: GLOW with me?

The Goal:  Inspiring each other to action

The Theme:  Energy conservation

The Inspiration:  There is beauty in the world!  We see it, we love it, and we work to preserve that beauty for generations to come. We make each day a step in the right direction.

How it works:

We’ll take two weeks to notice light in nature and let it spark the desire to act. Happy people, healthy planet: that’s what we’re about.

  1. Starting any time: Take this Tourof your house to uncover ways to improve your energy efficiency or start a new habit for the happiness of the planet. (It even includes a checklist for you to use as a guide.)
  2. Make one or two goals to improve your energy efficiency that you’d like to accomplish during the two week challenge.
  3. During the Challenge (Jan 17-30): You’ll be invited to share your goal on the Kick-Off GLOW post on Instagram. Be sure to follow @a.redbud so you don’t miss out!
  4. Follow @redbudsuds on Instagram each day of the Challenge for eco-savvy tid-bits that will “light the fire” of inspiration and help you stay motivated to get ‘er done.
  5. Comment on any GLOW post to be entered to win prizes. How things are going, what you’ve done, questions you have, tag your friends to join in… it all counts! Every comment = another chance you have to win prizes in the final drawing on January 30.
  6. Use hashtag #RBSecochallenge and post any photos of light in nature during the two weeks to share your love of nature. It’s nice to have reminders of the reason for why we work so hard to conserve!

Feeling amped but need ideas? I was hoping you’d ask.

Go on, get off your duff and Take the Tour. I promise, it isn’t painful.

Use this checklist to make it easy to discover how YOU can make your house more eco-savvy this winter. (Wall 26 has some more awesome recommendations)

Wait, didn’t you say there were prizes?

We’re working on some super-fun eco-savvy prizes, including:

  • a programmable electric timer for lamps / devices
  • several handmade draft snakes (I promise, they won’t bite or hiss) made by yours truly. Never seen one before? Check out these draft snakes from Good Housekeeping.
  • a Kill A Watt electricity usage monitor (because if what you don’t know won’t kill you, what you do know can!) 

plus a few tried and true Redbud Suds favorites, including:

  • Redbud Suds shampoo + body bars
  • cedar soap decks, designed to keep your soap high and dry for a long, long time

and for the coolest, most exciting prize of all….

  • the very FIRST EVER Redbud Suds year-long SUBSCRIPTION of soap. That’s a fresh bar of decadent Redbud Suds delivered to your door every month for the entire year!

I’m cheering you on.

Now GO, seriously! Grab that checklist, Take that Tour, and get 2016 off to a feel-good start.

May your New Year be joy-filled and eco-savvy. Here’s to an amazing 2016…



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