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RBS Sponsors Global Water Consortium

RBS Sponsors Global Water Consortium

Not sure you can change the world?

Here's how a Dad, a Daughter, and a team of Stand Up Paddle-boarders from Dayton, OH came up with an adventurous way to make their mark.

This summer, Ainsley and her dad Pete are going to Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) down the entire length of the Susquehanna River to raise funds for clean water projects in developing countries. It's part of the non-profit Global Water Consortium, but I'll let Pete tell you about that in a minute.

I had the pleasure of meeting Ainsley and Pete at the Adventure Summit in Dayton, OH in February. Ainsley is a quiet gal but the intense sparkle in her eye let's you know that when she puts her mind to something, ain't nothin' gonna get in her way.

I've run into this Dad/Daughter Duo several times at various outdoor adventure gatherings - including a paddle sports event in Madison, Wisconsin. They're a family with a purpose, driven to make connections and do what it takes to make a big positive impact in the world.

I was inspired by their story, and I thought you would be, too.

So let's hear it from them!

Aubrey: Thanks for chatting with us! Tell us about the GWC.

Pete: Global Water Consortium (GWC) is a nonprofit, 501(c)3, organization that was established in in September 2014 by a group of likeminded businessmen that realized by people and businesses coming together, they could provide a total, sustainable solution regarding the manufacture and distribution of safe sustainable drinking water in developing countries that would be sustainable.  

GWC establishes local safe water manufacturing and distribution projects that are sustainable with local people groups. We accomplish this by including in our projects: access to water; the transformation of unsafe water to safe; business education, support, and mentorship; cultural integration; and, safe water handling and hygiene education. After a period of three years the local people own the project with the continued corporate support of GWC.

Aubrey: Tell us about your Standup Paddleboard project! Why are you paddling down the entire length of the Susquehanna this summer?

Pete: A GWC team of eight people are placing the water equipment that we use on our projects overseas on SUP’s and paddling down the entire Susquehanna River this June/July! That’s 444 miles from Cooperstown, NY to Harve De Grace, MD on the Chesapeake Bay! It's a tragic fact that during this timeframe 126,540 kids will die in India and Kenya where we have our first projects from bad water. Our goal is to raise $1 for each child which will allow us to expand the India project, complete the Kenya project, and fully implement a second India project!

Aubrey: So how can we get involved? 

Pete: You can get involved in two ways! First, donate now to our #SUP4WATER project! The need for safe sustainable water is critical and you can donate at . Click on the #SUP4WATER link!

Second, you can “like” us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube and follow our #SUP4WATER project as well as our projects overseas! and follow them on Facebook (, Instagram (global_water_consortium) twitter (@petegwc), YouTube (GlobalWaterConsortium).

Aubrey: Thanks for your story. Inspire. Tell a story about how you (or someone you work with) lives thoughtfully clean (We define "thoughtfully clean" as using adventure to spark simplicity and inspire action)?

Pete: One of the greatest thoughtfully clean aspects with our work is using adventure sports (SUP, cycling, and canoeing) as a method to distribute safe clean water to those in need in the developing world! These are simple, clean methods of transportation that can transport safe clean water to those in dire need.  

Another thoughtfully clean call to action is a research study coming up this spring/summer in India at the GWC project site where we will gather the cultural understanding of hand hygiene and how those in the developing world handle safe water. This is critical as we try to inspire the people of rural India to safely handle the clean water they now have. This call to action is critical and we have not found evidence that ones’ culture and understanding has ever been incorporated into the education of men, women, and children in the developing world! It just so happens that the education developed from this research will use RedBudSuds soap as men, women, and children are taught culturally appropriate hand washing and the handling of safe water!

Aubrey: We are so thrilled that we met you and get to be a part of the work you're doing. Good luck, be safe, and adventure on!

Aubrey (RBS) and Ainsley (GWC) at Canoecopia

And to you, fellow adventurers:

Be sure to follow Pete, Ainsley and us as we follow their adventures this summer.

Thanks for joining the journey of finding thoughtfully clean adventure every day.




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